2D Enabled

2D-logo-web-400What is 2D?

2D is a very convenient, safe, simple and quick way to make payments, receive money, send money and earn rewards with your JamJar e-wallet account. With 2D payments you do not need any cash and you do not need to provide any form of identification when you use 2D. Your information is never used nor do you have to do anything more than simply enter the code in your JamJar mobile application and confirm the transaction, that is it folks!

Your JamJar will be able to do 2D transactions all over the world, so it is safe to say that you can use your hard earned money you put in your JamJar e-wallet account to do most of the shopping and paying and other transaction you may want to do in a month. Using 2D payments from your JamJar account will cost you nothing, but you will earn real money rewards with every 2D transaction, that is just awesome! 2D is taking the world by storm and your JamJar account is already 2D enabled to just join the world-wide migration to digital commerce.