FAQ 4 Merchants

What Is 2D and how do I receive 2D payments?

2D is a convenient and secure way of receiving payments from customers. 2D South Africa (Pty) Ltd facilitates the moving of funds between customers and merchants and settles to the merchants within 48 hours. Customers use their JamJar (e-Wallet that is 2D enabled ) to make 2D payments to merchants and service providers. A Merchant requests a 2D code through a Point of Sale application or device and once received, display or provide the 2D code to a JamJar Subscriber for payment. The Jam Subscriber pays the 2D code from their JamJar (e-Wallet) using only his/her mobile phone.

How Are Merchants 2D Enabled?

For a merchant to become 2D Enabled, the following is required:

  • Complete and sign the Merchant Services Agreements and submit together with required FICA Documentation.
  • Make provision to request and receive a 2D Code to be presented to the customer at Point of Sale for payment. The following channels can be used to request and receive 2D Codes:
    • A simple mobile phone using USSD.
    • A Smart Phone / Tablet (Android App or X-html).
    • A PC with internet access as a non-integrated solution (via X-html)
    • A traditional POS terminal with 2D Software.
    • POS Software (Retail Till) integrated with the 2D systems via API.
    • An e-commerce or m-commerce website integrated with the 2D systems via API.
  • Jam Merchant App USSD Short Code: *120*1744*372#
  • Jam Merchant Services will advise you on the different options. merchantsupport@jam4all.co

How Long Will It Take For A Completed 2D Transaction To Reflect In My Bank Account?

Merchants are settled within a 48 hour settlement window (except over weekends) by way of an EFT transaction from 2D South Africa (Pty) Ltd. to the merchant’s nominated bank account.

Can I See A Report?

A transaction report is made available to a Merchant for each settlement run.

What Are The Transaction Costs Associated With a 2D Transaction?

Firstly there is a Basic 2D Service Fee payable to 2D South Africa (Pty) Ltd. This fee is agreed with the Merchant as part of the contract documentation. This service fee can be equated to a typical Merchant Commission % payable to the Merchant’s Acquiring Bank for card transactions.

Secondly there is a Loyalty Reward % calculated on the value of the sale transaction. This % is defined by the Merchant and is the % of Loyalty Reward that the Merchant would like to give back to the Loyalty Beneficiaries (a Jam approved beneficiary for example a school and / or the Jam Subscriber. 2D South Africa pays over the loyalty to Jam Money for All (Pty) Ltd, who in turn distributes the loyalty to the intended beneficiaries.

Merchants are settled net of the Basic Service Fee and Loyalty Rewards.

Can I as Merchant Decide Who Gets The Loyalty?

No. The Jam Subscriber decides by way of the Account Type that the Subscriber has opted for. See different Account Types offered to Jam Subscribers.