FAQs 4 Jam Subscribers – About JamChat

What Is Jam Chat?

Jam Chat is the communication app component of the Jam app. With Jam Chat you can send data messages, send any type of file as an attachment and make voice calls. Users can set up Group Chats and Multi-Cast chats with other Jam Chat users. Free voice calls can be made using Wi-Fi or mobile phone data. Cost effective VOIP (Voice over IP) voice calls can be made to mobile phones and landlines.

Voice calls are done as follows: a Jam mobile number is assigned to each Jam user at no additional cost. Voice calls use VOIP (Voice over IP) for calls, which are free when calling another user on the same network, if the data on the network is free to the user. Costs are only incurred when calling over the internet (data costs) or to a number outside of the Jam network (mobile operator connecting / call fees).

Who may use Jam Chat?

Any person, in his/her own personal capacity using his own (or sponsored) mobile phone device and SIM card.

Which phones are supported?

The aim is to support as many smart phone devices as possible – at the moment most versions of Android are supported. The main cloud service will be transparent and the same for all users.

What benefits do I get from using Jam Chat?

There are many benefits, depending on the user’s personal needs they may differ but a few are:

Lower communication costs:

  • Jam Chat allows free messages and calls between users.
  • Messaging and calls to others without Jam Chat is extremely cost effective. Using JamChat to phone from a Wi-Fi environment to another Wi-Fi environment is free! However, JamChat can also be used to phone from a Wi-Fi environment to any mobile phone or landline. Why would you do this? Because a Wi-Fi to mobile phone call will cost you only R0.50 per minute and a Wi-Fi to landline call will cost you only R0.30 per minute. This can save you a significant amount on your monthly communication costs.

Privacy and security:

  • Jam Chat attempts to be the most secure and private communication platform for ordinary users – and will fight harassment tooth and nail.
  • No information or content can be stored by Jam Chat servers after it had been transmitted to the receiving side.

Information transfer:

  • Any files such as pdf, xls, doc, pictures even sound and movies can be sent and received, (even large) files which can in some cases not be sent by other chat or SMS apps.
  • send any (even large) files which can in some cases not be sent by other chat or SMS apps.

Integration with the Jam Jar

  • Jam Chat has been integrated with the Jam Jar.
  • Easy and convenient top-up for Jam Chat calling (Wi-Fi to Mobile / Landline).

Where can I use Jam Chat?

Jam Chat will work wherever there is internet with sufficient speed available to the smartphone. The text messaging will require very low throughput but Edge is preferred. The voice calls will require at least HSDPA (3G) or better and Wi-Fi is preferred. 4G is being rolled out most places and that 5G is already available overseas.

What are the requirements?

There are no other requirements than having a smartphone with internet connection. Jam Chat will not monitor text messaging no phone calls so anything can be communicated on Jam Chat as long as the two end participants agree on the mutual use. To open attachments the receiving user requires the appropriate app such as OpenOffice which is not in the realm of Jam Chat to supply. (Jam Chat users can block another user from sending him/her messages so consensus is a requirement).

What is a Multi-Cast Message?

A Multi-Cast message is a message sent to a pre-configured group of members, where the recipients of the Multi-Cast message can reply to the sender of the Multi-Cast message without the other recipients of the Multi-Cast message receiving the reply message.

How do I build my Community or club of users?

You can simply send somebody a Jam Chat message – and if they are not in the user club yet, they will get an SMS invite with the download link – you will get a notification that the Jam Chat has not been installed yet – it is pending their installation, until they have installed the app and then you can carry on chatting!

If they are users already (having been invited by another Jam Chat user), then the message will just appear on their system and you will be chatting straight away. We do not scan your contact list on your telephone like some other apps do. We allow you to invite only those people that you would like to see in your Jam Chat contact list.

How do I block, un-block or delete a user in my contact list?

In the “Messages” screen, select the contact and hold your finger on the name for a few seconds. You can make the relevant selection from the menu that pops up.

Do my messages or calls or any details get stored or sold to others?

Absolutely not. There will be no messages stored or sold whatsoever, and we will inform you once we are forced by law enforcement agencies to do something like that (if the law allows us). So stay above the law and you and Jam Chat will never be harassed.

How will you prevent spam?

The policy of strictly personal communication will be enforced. By that we do not mean that organisations will not be communicating with you – but only if you specifically allow them, such as Jam, your bank or your security firm. So once you receive any unsolicited or unwanted informative messages from somebody and you inform us, we will investigate and according to our rules, that Jam user will be blacklisted or banned. Any spam will be stopped in its tracks.

May I send advertisements or bulk messages?

No. If you send personal invites or information to a group of people, they will know who you are. If it is unsolicited they will be able to complain about you.

Due to the fact that the Jam Chat operating company does not open or inspect any messages, we will not know what you send. The complaints will tell us if you are not sending appropriate information. If therefore we find that unsolicited and inappropriate material is sent from a number, that user will be immediately removed from the system and will not be able to return with that SIM / telephone number.

Can I rely on Jam Chat like on SMS?

Firstly – you must never rely on SMS, due to the inherent and specific nature of the way that SMS is sent, it can never be guaranteed to be delivered on time or ever.

Let us explain. There are a multitude of factors which influence the delivery of SMS. These factors are never under control of any single entity such as service provider, Mobile Operator or even the user. It sometimes gets through within seconds and sometimes within days or sometimes never.

Jam Chat is somewhat more like USSD than like SMS. The Jam Chat system will use a method to ensure that the identity of both sides is known and the intention of both sides is also unequivocally made clear while transacting. It will however require a data connection which is not always available to both sender and receiver – which may cause a delay. But in the end the sender will know whether the receiver’s phone had received the message.

My friends and I are used to “another text app” – why must we move?

We will never try to be seen as a competitor to XYZ or, for that matter, any other chat or messaging program. If you are happy with that, then stay with it. If there are benefits that your friends become aware of, you may end up with both – and in the end, your circle of contacts will decide where they want to be.

Main differences for the moment is the Jam Chat commitment to absolute privacy and non-exploitation or “bubbling” like it has been alleged Facebook and Google do – and the other difference is that Jam Chat is local and provides local calls and local top-up facilities. Decide for yourself really.

It may be that you will want to get rid of the small advertisements you will periodically see on Jam Chat, then there is a way to become a Jam Chat sponsor by donating a very small fee per month to be clutter-free and enjoy the calls and chatting without adds. This will be called Jam Chat-pro.

Does it cost something to invite others to the Jam Chat community?

No, it does not cost anything to invite somebody to the Jam Chat community.

How do I know when somebody already has Jam Chat installed?

Quite possibly you can ask them  or alternatively send them a Jam Chat and see whether they reply or whether they get invited – if they then only get invited, you will see a notice “pending installation”. Once they have installed and are ready, you will see that notice disappear and you can go ahead and communicate.

Can I see whether the Jam messages have been delivered and read?

Yes – There are a few indications of status; At the top of the screen when you are in one Jam Chat user’s message board you will see when he was last seen on the app or that he is on line. When you send a Jam Chat message, two small hourglasses will appear underneath the message on the message board. Once the Jam Chat message has gone through to the cloud, the first hour glass will turn into a green tick mark. As soon as the Jam Chat message is delivered on the message board of the other Jam Chat user, the second hour glass will turn into a green tick mark. Obviously, if the other phone is off or out of data reach, the Jam Chat message will be waiting on the server to be delivered. If you see the Jam Chat message is delivered and the other user is online, you may assume that he can read the contents. If you are on your “Messages” screen, a new message count (in a green circle) will appear on the name of the Jam Chat user who has sent you a message or file which you have not viewed yet.

How do I make a free call to another Jam Chat user?

In the “Messages” screen, click on the green telephone next to the person’s name you wish to call. You will be give two options as follows:

  1. Make free (data) call (this call will use Wi-Fi or mobile phone data depending on your settings and whether you are in a Wi-Fi environment or not.
  2. Use Android for this call (this call is a normal mobile phone call i.e. a paid for call)

You can click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the “Messages” Screen to personalise your settings. Select one of the following settings:

Call Settings

  • Ask me which network to use
  • Make free (data) calls whenever possible
  • Make only free (data) calls
  • Make only android calls (normal mobile phone call)

Data Call Settings

  • Use Wi-Fi whenever possible
  • Use only Wi-Fi

How do I make a cost-effective call from Jam Chat to a user on his / her mobile phone or landline?

The first pre-requisite is that you must have “pre-paid airtime” on your Jam Chat system. The pre-paid airtime for Jam Chat can be purchased from your Jam Jar (Buy Airtime >> Airtime Direct >> Jam Direct). You can check your Jam Chat airtime balance by selecting the clock face icon in the top right hand corner.

Make the cost effective calls from your “Dialer” screen. You can either dial the telephone number on the keypad or select the person you would like to call from your contact list. Use the green telephone with Wi-Fi sign to dial the number or contact. Use the green telephone with the grey arrow to dial the previous number that was called.

What happens if I send money to an incorrect mobile phone number?

You can request a refund if the money is still there (i.e. if the recipient has not withdrawn the funds). Please contact the Jam call centre on XXXXXXXXX. Please note there may be a charge when requesting a reversal.

How does the recipient get cash at participating merchants?

Describe USSD Process Describe Android Process Describe XHTML Process

Why can’t I send money even though I’m registered?

The system checks whether the transaction is potentially fraudulent and if so, blocks the Send Money transaction or applies reduced limits. If you would like to query this, please contact the Jam call centre:

Contact Number xxx xxx xxxx
Hours of Operation 08:00 – 19:00 Mon – Sat

How do I get support?

By sending us an email at customersupport@jam4all.co.